“Who made my clothes?” – Fashion Revolution Week 2018

The fashion industry is one of the most creative and influential outlets of modern day society. With clothing being a great way for personal expression when it comes to representing our personalities, moods, occupations etc, it’s understandable as to why people can get so involved when it comes to what they wear. On the other hand, the fashion industry has also at times became a reflection of current social states, such as the current rise of social media having a huge impact on the way we view ourselves and our style in comparison to what we see around us.

As people have became more dedicated overtime towards shaping their wardrobes to fit each season or reflect on current trends, fast fashion has had a major rise over the past few decades. Companies like H&M, Topshop, Primark, etc, all follow similar ethics that involve producing clothing at such a rate that will keep up with the current trends no matter what the dangers are for those who are actually making the clothes. The harsh production cycle starts in sweatshops in deprived areas of the world, where women and children are working long shifts in very poor circumstances in order to get a very underpaid wage so they can provide food for their families. Today marks 5 years since the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed to the floor due to unsafe circumstances, where 1,134 innocent lives were taken due to the neglect of Western Brands concern for their workers’ safety and well-being.

New laws have been put in place to attempt to improve the conditions and deserved earnings for these kinds of workers, however the continuous increase of fast fashion and ‘needing to buy the newest in thing’ will not make much of a difference to the way companies treat and protect those who are providing them with their multimillion dollar businesses. Fast fashion not only adds pressure to the rate at which these sweatshops are forced to being working, but it’s also deteriorating the environment at the same time. As we buy new items for our wardrobes to fit in with the trends, we are throwing out anything that we might not wear anymore because ‘it’s not in’ or ‘it doesn’t look as good as when you first bought it’. These types of garments get tossed into landfill and are one of the biggest elements of waste we chuck out every year. As a result, we are harming our planet at a devastating rate without any signs of slowing down.

So how can we make a difference towards this? Well, in some ways it’s a lot like recycling. Like using a water bottle maybe once or twice and then binning it to get a new one, we often have the same approach when it comes to clothes; we wear something once or twice, then decide we don’t like it or we just simply forget about it, then chuck it out when we decide we don’t need it. Instead, there are multiple different ways to not only recycle the clothes we have now that we don’t like, but also to curate our wardrobes in order to be more efficient with our time, money, and our clothes. Here are a few examples as to how you can help…

1. Create a capsule wardrobe

You may or may not have heard the term ‘ capsule wardrobe’ before, but it’s a term given to a wardrobe that has everything that you would ever need that’s fitted to your personal taste. The idea is that you curate your wardrobe based around your occupation, what specific types of garments you prefer to wear, and depending on the season. There are no set rules to a capsule wardrobe, however the main idea is to only have what you need whilst also decluttering your wardrobe of anything you don’t need. Here are two links to videos on how to start a capsule wardrobe:



2. Buying from vintage shops/charity shops

I’d be lying if I were to say that most of my wardrobe isn’t either vintage or from charity shops. Although there is a weird stigma around buying second hand clothing, you simply cannot find certain designs or patterns anymore. Vintage items often have so much detail in them that you know just from looking at it that a lot of time and effort went into it. Charity shops and vintage shops are the best way to shop ethically and give garments a second life, speaking of which, you can also donate your old clothes to charity shops to give them a second life too and to keep the cycle going.

3. Shopping ethically

One thing you should not get from this post is to feel guilty about what you’re buying and where you’re buying things from. High street shopping does definitely offer the benefits of finding an item you will like, in your own size, and usually at an affordable price. All I’m asking you to do is to think about how you value your clothes, and also how you value people’s lives too. Style should always have a fun and positive approach, so don’t be pressured by trends or what is ‘fashionable at the time’.

Thanks for reading, this was a bit more of a heavy topic compared to previous posts, but it was equally as fulfilling to write! X

3 outfits from 3 days in Paris

Last week my dreams came true and I finally went to Paris, or more specifically, Disneyland Paris! I went as part of a college trip with a few of my friends, from which we travelled down to Paris on the Monday and came home on the Friday, meaning three whole days were spent in the most beautiful place on Earth. In this time, we visited many different areas and monuments within central Paris, and we spent two days in both Disneyland and Disney studios, so here’s the outfits that I wore for each day!

Day 1: Touring Paris

It was quite sunny when we woke up that morning, however with France experiencing some snow the week prior, it still seemed to be a bit chilly. As of this, I opted for a knitted jumper I’d recently purchased from Prettylittlething, and paired it with a hot pink leather skirt from New Look, as well as black tights and my trusty pair of Converse to keep my feet comfy for the long day of walking. I’m not kidding when I say a long day of walking either! From 8 till 11 we spent the day wandering around Paris, visiting the famous monuments like Sacré Coeur and Notre Dame, recuperating in a little cafe that served crepes with cider in teacups, before ending the day at the Eiffel Tower as it lit up every hour.

Day 2: Disneyland

On the second day we got to visit the magical place that is Disneyland! It was a great day that was filled with rides, princesses, and shopping. As the weather had picked up and the sun began to shine, I opted for this pink vintage dress, a white cardigan from Primark, tights, and my trusty converse again. I then topped this with a belt to cinch in my waist, and some 50’s style sunglasses to complete the look.

Day 3: Disney Studios

For our final day venturing around Paris, we continued our Disney section of the trip by heading to Disney Studios. Here is where we got to go on a few more rides (some of which I was definitely nervous about to say the least), and with the weather being a tad bit colder this day, I decided to go for a warm yet comfy outfit. I wore my honey t-shirt with my black pinstripe culottes, both from Stradivarius, a simple trench coat from Primark, and as always, my trusty white Converse.

Overall, the trip was amazing. I got to see so much in such a short space of time and I’m quite sad to be back home, however I will definitely be planning a second trip sometime in the future! Thanks for reading x

A guide to choosing a night-out outfit

I don’t think there’s a bigger first world problem than not knowing what to wear for a night out, leaving yourself sat on your bed half naked regretting even agreeing to go out. That being said, there are a set of guidelines I try to use before I get ready, in order to keep myself less stressed and dressed.

No. 1 Think of the situation. 

If you’re going to a bar with a few friends for a catch-up and a laugh, you may want to dress a bit differently to how you would if you were going to a nightclub. In a bar, you’re most likely going to be sat down and comfortable, so shoes with a bit of a heel wouldn’t be as painful as if you were on your feet dancing. If you know you’re going to a nightclub afterwards, you may want to take more of a comfortable approach when it comes to footwear.

No.2 How would you want to look?

If you’re going to be getting a lot of pictures taken throughout the night, (as embarrassing as they may be to discover the next morning), or if you’d just like to dress your best that night, then think about how you could see yourself dressing. If you could see yourself in a t-shirt and skirt combo, then look through your t-shirts and skirts and try to experiment with different combinations. A lot of the time I hear people say something along the lines of ‘I need a top to go with my trousers’, when majority of the time they will already have something in their wardrobe that would go with that item, they just haven’t thought about it. If you look through your wardrobe and put together a top and bottoms but you’re still unsure, then don’t skip this next point…

No.3 Don’t forget about accessories! 

Accessories are the elements that really can tie a look together. You could put on a necklace and a belt and it will look like you’ve made more of an effort than you actually have, and it will really draw attention to your whole outfit. For instance, if you’re outfit is very simple in itself, I’d say it’s a good idea to go with a statement shoe and a bold pair of earrings or a necklace. Having that extra something from both head to toe can really balance out the look, especially considering most people are either going to notice your head first or your feet first.

No.4 Experiment a little.

If you’re still struggling at this point, try to avoid thinking of an outfit as just a ‘top and bottoms’ concept. Sometimes it can be hard to get ideas out of a broad subject when compared to a specific one, so you may want to try working an outfit around something smaller like your shoes or your jewellery. For instance, if you pick out a specific pair of heels, then would jeans look good with it? What about a skirt? If you can’t think of anything, change the area you’re concentrating on until you find something that works.

No.5 Dress in what you’d feel best in.

A lot of the time when a group has plans to go out, especially a group of girls, they will often ask each other what they’re all thinking of wearing as both a guideline and a comfort barrier. If you know it’s a smart casual thing and a few of your friends are wearing jeans, you might feel a bit more comfortable in wanting to wear jeans. However, if a few of your friends are wearing nice figure hugging dresses, that doesn’t mean that you have to. You can make a pair of trousers or a jumpsuit or a skirt look just as nice as a dress, and if you have more confidence in wearing a jumpsuit than a dress, then why wear a dress? A night out should be fun and make you feel happy, in both yourself and in how you look. If you’re wearing something because you want to, not because everyone else is wearing it, then your self confidence will really pull through and that’s the best kind of thing you can have on a night out. So if you’re looking for a bit of help or inspiration, I’d say ask a friend what they’re thinking of wearing or try and help each other out, but don’t feel like you have to wear anything because they are.

Some extra tips:

  • Try pairing items that aren’t together on the body, e.g tops and shoes or jeans and jackets. This can broaden the idea of the outfit so you can get a better picture of how it would look overall.
  • Check Instagram for inspiration, the featured page is great for this!
  • Don’t overthink it, you’ll probably have many other nights out and many other potential times to wear something that looks great on you.
  • Try to balance out ‘flattering and comfortable’. Combine a fitted top with an a-line skirt for that perfect medium of smart casual.

Style icon: Alexa Chung

The wardrobe, the hair, the sarcastic humour, the clothing line, the quirkiness, here’s just a selection of the many things I can’t help but love about British fashion icon and personality, Alexa Chung.

You may have heard of this wise and witty woman from her big break hosting for MTV, or maybe her book titled ‘It’, or even more recently from her ever growing self-titled clothing line ‘Alexa Chung’. In her early years before her MTV days, she participated in modelling for a few well known brands, thus becoming exposed to the fashion world directly from the designers. She became enthusiastic about the industry whilst she was hosting for MTV, and eventually she began experimenting in collaborating with different fashion companies. One name she worked for was Vogue, where she narrated and was the main star of her documentary all about the fashion industry and how to get into it. Also her collaboration with M&S, where she curated her own archive line using a variety of different patterns and designs from decades of M&S’ clothing line.

Nowadays, you may come across her clothing line in your nearest Selfridges, online, or on her well known Instagram page. She launched her brand back in May 2017, and since then she has launched many different collections, season after season. Her ideas take the chic and dramatic textures, patterns, and shapes from high fashion, and apply them more subtly to everyday streetwear for that perfect range in between these two sides of fashion. Along with her intelligent ways of bringing together high fashion and streetwear, she still succeeds in making her designs 100% hers in reflection of her own style, personality, and heritage.

With heavy emphasis from the 70’s and 80’s, it’s clear to see where Chung’s main fashion inspiration comes from. Some of her items look very much like they’d came out of an 80’s prom; traditional cuts of dresses, but applied with obscure patterns and materials, such as a simple maxi dress embellished with funky chunky sequins. Or say, a pinafore style dress with ruffle details, made out of lilac coloured PVC.

Now for a mini haul! For Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive 3 items from her collection that had each been on my wish list since pretty much the start of time. From my Mam and dad, I got the black t-shirt with a small ‘lonely hearts club’ logo in white, bordered with its own little lonely heart. This I’d considered buying a few times, since surprisingly, I didn’t actually own a black t-shirt (shocker) but now I can say I have a black t-shirt, and a very good one for that matter.

Also for Christmas, my boyfriend decided to be an absolute angel and get me the other two items I’d been eyeing up. Firstly, I’d been gifted a similar t-shirt to the first one, but this version was white and had the heart enlarged and drizzled with pink glitter, hard to resist right? I have a hot pink leather skirt that goes so beautifully with it, so if I end up posting a lot of pictures on Instagram of this exact outfit over and over again, I’m sorry not sorry in advance.

Finally, because one mega gift wasn’t enough, he decided to add in the blue and white gingham tote bag which I like to call my ‘Dorothy bag’. Alexa had created this bag in collaboration with American Express, in honour of the “Small Businesses Saturday” campaign, encouraging people to shop with local businesses more regularly. Now when I was rambling on about the bag to him, I said “oh my gosh, it would be perfect as a springtime bag!” However, I’ve had the bag for about 4 weeks now, and I’ve used it pretty much everyday that I’ve had it. It goes with everything, is great for any occasion, and it just adds a little extra something to your outfit, plus it’s just so cute to look at and gets many compliments when out and about!

Thank you for reading this blog post, I love getting to actually write down my thoughts and opinions on my favourite fashion icons X

How I style midi skirts (even when it’s snowing!)

December is finally upon us and so that means 3 things; Christmas, freezing temperatures and celebrations. With these three factors in mind, it can come to a time in the midst of this month where you realise you have nothing left to wear. You need something you can rely on no matter what the weather, occasion or your mood: so here I’d suggest a midi skirt. They’re comfortable, longer than the average skirt and can be styled for any occasion. Here is how I’ve styled 3 different midi skirts for three different occasions that will hopefully give you some inspiration to enhance your winter wardrobe.

Here’s a picture from when it snowed for the first time this year, and my instant thought was ‘oh no, how am I going to stay warm today’. If you are in a similar situation to me and your nice jeans are in the wash, then I recommend a slightly longer midi skirt. This three tiered one I purchased a few months back from Primark done the trick quite well for me, as it also has a slip underneath it for that extra layer of warmth. The midi length (although this one is slightly longer on me) covers the majority of your legs, but for extra warmth, I simply put a pair of burgundy knee high socks on underneath for warmth and an additional pop of colour, however plain black tights would look cute too. The tiny white polka dots against the sheer black tiers make this style skirt suitable for day or night, however for this very very cold daytime look, I decided to put my winter boots on which I got from New Look, topped with my oversized red coat, a scarf for extra warmth, and my bucket bag by my side.

One thing I love about wearing this skirt is the curiosity it attracts from anyone at a distance or even close up. Yes, those are monkeys wearing crowns. You may be thinking “why exactly is she wearing a skirt with monkeys on?” Well, my wardrobe is flooding with floral prints as well as the occasional star print or heart print, so I thought this uncommon choice of pattern would make me branch out into weirder choices of patterns. Now I know this wouldn’t exactly be everyone’s cup of tea, but the concept is still realistic; take a patterned midi skirt (monkey print is optional) and pair it with a simple coloured top to balance it out, add some simple shoes and you’re good to go for any occasion. This look consisted of H&M’s experimental skirt, a thin jumper from New Look, and some cream converse because I was seeking some comfort on my feet.

Now I’ll admit, I was feeling very kitschy when I was creating this outfit, if you can’t already tell. I always get a feeling of cuteness when I wear this skirt, however I wanted a top to make me look a bit less like a child, so I combined it with this leopard print top I found have in a charity shop to mature the look. To tie the two contrasting pieces together, I added in a chunky brown leather belt, which was also the perfect touch for making the outfit a bit more flattering on my body. For a bit of fun, I chose my multi-coloured and multi-tongued converse as a pop of colour and to push this outfit to a high level of kitsch. A tip in advance, if it’s cold outside, always make sure you have a pair of tights or knee highs that aren’t in the wash, or you will freeze to death. If I were you, I’d also throw on a cute and warm knitted cardigan for added warmth and to finish your cute look.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! X

There’s no such thing as ‘too much’

“Wow that looks insane, but I could never pull it off.” This thought will have definitely came into your mind at least once in your life when it comes to fashion. We know our comfort zones and try to stick to them, very rarely branching out and trying new styles. Why do we do this? Why don’t we all wear what’s on the runway? Today, I wanted to explore this topic, and challenge you to really think about what style is to you.

The first thing I begin to notice when I have met someone a few times is what they enjoy wearing. Sometimes, I can be scrolling through an online shop such as ASOS, I won’t find anything for myself but I will find an entire wardrobe for my friends. So where do these obvious tastes come from? And why don’t we follow the same styles and trends? For me personally, athough I’ve always understood the basics of what I like, my style has always, and still is, continuously evolving and developing. In previous years I’d have often shied away from clothes that were a bit ‘too out there’, yet I’ve learned how to tackle that belief and give myself so many more options with my clothing without taking any consideration as to what others will think or say, so here is why and how it’s happened.

There are many different factors other than ourselves that come into the development and shaping of our fashion sense, which usually takes place in our early teen years. These are often things such as friends, school, trends, hobbies etc. As we are practically new to the world, especially the fashion industry, we’re basically headless chickens in this situation. There may have been times where you have bought something because everyone else in school had it, or your very trendy friend had it, or it’s considered the ‘new thing’. You might not even like it yourself, but you wear it because you’ve been told that it’s what’s hot at the minute. The same rule can be applied when it comes to why we don’t like to try new things, often from the fear of not fitting in or being teased, even possibly being bullied for the way you dress. This still happens when you’re in your late teens, your 20s, even going up to your 30s and 40s. However, it’s not the trend in school that’s making you buy it, it’s the trend in fashion that’s making you buy it.

One clear thing stands out when you compare the last decade in fashion to any decade in the past 100 years, it’s been boring. From 2005 to 2015, there was nothing new, bold or exciting about fashion. With the major development in technology happening at this time, big designers spent more time branding themselves to earn more money than actually thinking and designing well made clothes. The same style jeans, shirts, dresses and shoes had been repeated year after year, focusing on making money from wealthy, beautiful young women who just wanted the label and were willing to pay any price for it. So of course, we had been brought up in a world where there were no standout cuts like in the 70s, or wild patterns and bright colours in the 80s, just very boring ‘fashion’. 

So where does that put us now? Well as you can probably tell from magazines, adverts or social media, we’re finally moving away from this plain phase and beginning to have fun with fashion again. Thanks to the likes of Alessandro Michele, social media and the history books for bringing us back to a brighter, happier time in fashion, and opening our eyes by giving us more opportunities to actually enjoy what we buy. Seriously, how many hours do you spend a day looking through Instagram, searching and stalking other girls profiles just to dig their outfits? 

To sum up, we’re back to a time where you can wear whatever you want and show off whatever type of character you are as a person. Anything is a bold look in this modern day, if you can pull off jeans and a hoodie and feel confident in it, trust me it will show and you will look flawless. If you’re a guy and you want to wear a bright pink floor length dress because you know you can wear it, 100% do it, there’s nothing stopping you. There’s one quote I always hear when it comes to fashion and that is ‘you wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you.’ Don’t let anyone, any brand, or anything try to tell you what to wear or what not to wear, simply keep an open mind and experiment with your clothes, and don’t take it too seriously.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this rather long post, I definitely enjoyed writing it! X

September fashion favourites


I believe September was quite a good month for fashion, as it is every year. So much happens during this time where I find that my outfits tend to get a lot of influence from. To start off with, I was back at college for my second year, reminding myself that I can’t just walk into my lessons in my pajamas that I had been hibernating in for all of the summer. Then my birthday came around which gave me the opportunity to invest in some pretty funky clothes, if I do say so myself. For my birthday also, my wonderful boyfriend decided to book us a trip to London for the weekend, directly after fashion week where a lot of companies and places were still celebrating, so we had the chance to see some pretty cool things down in the Capital.

To start off with what I’ve worn the most during September are these culotte striped trousers from Stradivarius. If I’m being honest with you, these have been a favourite of mine for the entire time I’ve had them since I bought them in early August. Now it’s quite sad that it’s not (yet) socially acceptable for me to walk to college in my cozy pajama bottoms, but these trousers aren’t far off on the cozy side. The elasticated waist and light material is utterly perfect for the days where you just simply can’t be bothered, just shot these on and tuck a t-shirt or jumper into them and you’re good to go.


Following on from this, as it was my 18th birthday, I’ve been going out quite frequently lately and so I’ve been relying on the same skirt I got from Stradivarius to tick all the boxes for a perfect night out outfit. First off, it’s pvc, so the concern of anyone spilling their drink on you and ruining your clothes has gone right out the window (in fact, someone did spill their drink on me whilst I was wearing this, I didn’t get a drop on me as the drink literally just rolled down my skirt as if it was a pair of wellies), secondly, it’s red so it goes with basically any of my tops that I usually go out in, and thirdly, IT LOOKS SO GOOD. I can’t describe how much better an outfit looks when paired with this skirt, even something simple like a t-shirt. Just tuck it in and you already look 10/10.


The next piece that I’ve been loving is this gorgeous mustard coloured turtleneck. I actually picked this up from a charity shop, but the brand is actually a french brand by the name of Etienne Deroeux. What really stood out to me about this jumper was not just it’s bright colour, but how the knit of it is quite unusual in the way that the lines are on a diagonal, which I’m quite drawn to. This honestly goes with so many outfits, but I mainly pair it with the trousers I have just shown, or if it’s a bit warmer outside then I’ll pair it with a dark gray pinafore dress.


So since it was my birthday and I was in London the weekend after, I decided to buy a few things for myself with the money and gift cards I’d been given kindly from family and friends. Of course I took myself around Topshop whilst I was there and can I just say, I had a field day in their jewellery stalls. I picked up some quirky earrings which was Topshop’s own brand and a statement necklace from the 1970’s resold by a vintage stall. The peak of this splurge however, was a pair of thick, wide leg culottes in this gorgeous burnt red shade. Oh my, I haven’t stopped wearing these. They are the type of item where you’re unsure as to whether you will actually wear them or not, but when you first try them on, you never want to take them off.


Continuing with the London trip, we made our way to Carnaby. As it was the end of London fashion week, that weekend was when Carnaby really peaked for it’s independent businesses. We got given many little leaflets, magazines, and even stickers, just to celebrate the importance of independent businesses and how far they have came. One place I was simply desperate to go to was Lazy Oaf. I see their items all the time on Instagram and ASOS, yet despite how madly in love I am with their designs, I’ve never actually bought anything from them. When I got in the store I was greeted by a lovely staff member, who I had a great conversation with about their style and their recent collaboration with Dr Martens. After he gave me a tour, he also said they give discount on items if it’s your birthday, so how could I resist! I found this absolutely adorable heart print t-shirt, the cabbage sleeves really did it for me. I have a serious thing for heart prints and so I knew this would fit in perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe.


The next item I’m including is a dress I bought from the app Depop. I’d seen this floral print cami dress from one of Alexa Chung’s old collaborations with M&S from a few years ago. I was in need of just a simple, black dress, and as soon as I seen this floral ditsy floral print, I knew I had to get it. I’ve discovered that it’s a great transitional piece to move nicely from summer into autumn, as it works perfectly over the top of items such as t-shirts, turtlenecks, thin jumpers etc. I really like the length on this dress too, as it drops right at the knee so you don’t feel too bare or too covered up. This is one of those staple pieces that I know I’m going to keep in my wardrobe for a good while basically until it’s falling apart and I physically can no longer wear it.


This bucket bag… oh my word. I seen this bag when it first came out on Topshop’s website a few months ago and I can tell you now, it was love at first sight. The bag I carried with me throughout the most of spring and summer was a little red handbag from Primark with a cute little gold bee embellished onto the front clasp, however it just wouldn’t work with a lot of my autumn and winter clothes, so of course I invested in this beauty. Now the bag itself can actually fit quite a lot in it for a handbag, and I admire the fact that they included a zipper and a card slot on the inside, with a black waterproof material drawstring on top to keep your possessions safe and dry. This bag now goes everywhere with me and whenever I wear it, I always seem to get compliments on it no matter where I am or who I’m with.


Now as you may or may not know, I have a bit of a thing for bold earrings, specifically gold earrings. Now I know I’ve mentioned them a few times in this post, but one place I can always rely on specifically for some pretty cool jewellery is Topshop, and once again, they didn’t disappoint. I found this stunning black and gold asymmetric pair whilst I was wandering around on a students shopping night, so not only did I come out of the store with some funky earrings, but I got them at a discounted price too. I’ve worn these so many times over the past month and I keep pairing them with new outfits as an additional compliment. Overall, they’re just a great pair to add to my collection.


As it’s getting a bit colder now and it’s the perfect time to start layering, I’ve began to notice that I’ve been reaching for the same scarf over and over again. Now I’m quite collective when it comes to scarves, as I like to have a variety of fabrics, colours and fabrics to choose from. However, one scarf that I keep grabbing onto as I’m leaving the door is this thick wool, deep red vintage scarf. Now this may just be a plain red scarf, and no it doesn’t have any kind of fancy pattern or fabric to it, but it’s a classic and that’s why I like it. Sometimes I feel like a simple, block colour piece can actually look a lot better and chic then say a common tartan scarf with lots of wild colours on it. So this scarf has just been my finishing touch to most outfits in the past month.


I hope you enjoyed reading through my favourites of this past month! X


An introductory first post.

I must have restarted this post about 3 times now so to put it briefly, here’s an introduction. Now I could do a formal introduction and give you the basics of me and my life, but that’s boring. As this is a fashion blog, I thought it would be more suitable and entertaining for me to give an introduction to my own personal style, so here’s a few little things I can’t resist when it comes to fashion.

1, Colour is everything.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved dressing in bright colours. I believe that if you want to have a good day, then you should start off in the morning with an outfit that makes you happy. Everyone has their favourite top they just love wearing, but for me there’s nothing that make’s my 9am morning a bit brighter than a literal, bright yellow turtleneck.

 2. Striped tops. 

One thing I love about Parisian style is their attitude towards basic items of clothing, especially a good old striped t-shirt. A woman could walk down the street in a ensemble of basic jeans, some kitten heels or even Converse, topped with a stripey t-shirt and heads will turn at her. There’s something so chic about a stripey top, how it pairs with just about everything and it’s ability to just make you look so… put together, with just a t-shirt!

3. Jewellery, especially earrings!

Everyone knows that jewellery is the key item to compliment and complete your outfit. Just adding that final touch can make you 100% ready to face the day, knowing you put that little bit of extra effort in this morning when getting ready. If you know me, you know I put my pride and joy in my quirky earring collection. I’m not that much of a make-up kinda gal, usually its just some mascara and filling in my eyebrows as I’m leaving the door, but I can assure you I never leave without earrings in, and if by chance I do, I either walk back or even carry some spare in my bag. Earrings are just my thing okay!

4. just keep layering… with scarves.
One thing I really admire about this time of the year is how much more outfit potential there is, and how you can wear more of your favourite pieces at the together. My go-to outfit would typically be a t-shirt tucked neatly into one of my skirts, combined with tights or knee high socks (typically socks because I actually hate tights, and there’s nothing worse than getting a ladder in your tights when you’re not going to be home for a few hours), shoes and a bag. Now when it comes to this time of the year, I like to add a nice chunky cardigan (especially my striped cardigan that goes down to my knees and makes me feel extra tall), a good jacket, and even if that won’t cover me then I’ll shot a coat on over that, topped with nothing better than a good, staple piece that is a scarf.

5. I do appreciate a good floral print. 

I’ve always been a big fan of florals. Like I said about colour, Floral prints can often add a bit of emphasis and fun to your outfit. Take my favourite pair of jeans for instance: without the embroidered flowers they would simply be just some mom jeans from Topshop, nothing interesting, just a dark wash jean. However, add the flowers and you instantly have a staple piece. The flowers drag attention, follow the pattern and you will start off at the root (the knee), then go all the way around to the back of the hip where more of them bloom. Floral print in itself is a great pattern that doesn’t take a lot of effort to pull off. You could wear anything with say a floral t-shirt and you’ll look that little bit more put together.

Well I hope you enjoyed this first post, I aim to write a new post once every week, so thank you for your time this week! X