Sustainable brands you need to know of

Considering how much we are warned of global warming, pollution, and many other worldwide issues on a daily basis, it’s quite surprising how little sustainable brands are vastly heard of (baring the few that have managed to break this system such as Reformation or Sezane of course). Even whilst I was creating this blog post, I was shocked at how hard it was to find fully sustainable or even ethical clothing brands that didn’t have such an unimaginable price tag. Now of course sustainability is all about investing in good quality pieces and you’re paying for what you get, but not all of us can afford the luxury life. Despite the vast searching and messaging to each individual company, here are some beautiful, ethical brands that really deserve the recognition and your pay check (not all of it thankfully).

House of Sunny

Do you ever see those really unique looking pieces that float around Instagram and you just have to pause and admire the stand out qualities of them that you rarely see on the high street? Yeah, they’re from House of Sunny. Although this brand is small as a team and is still in its youth as an established company, they’re certainly taking the world by storm, one limited collection at a time.

Instagram: @houseofsunny

House of Sunny focuses on creating superb quality garments that will truly not be found anywhere else besides in house itself, and so they’re not afraid to experiment with new design features and modern styles that can be made wearable for the everyday by those who aren’t afraid to stand out a little. They focus on creating small and limited runs of each collection to keep any waste to a minimum, and any sample pieces or items with minor defects that can’t be sold at full price can be found on their depop at a discount.

By Megan Crosby

Megan Crosby is a young designer from Portsmouth, who’s brand focuses on mid level fashion that is of high quality and at an affordable price point. Megan launched her brand after graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth, creating a debut capsule collection that serves both the satisfaction of beautiful fashionable pieces, whilst offering a guilt-free experience due to the consciousness of the environment.

Instagram: @bymegancrosby

Her brand is centred around bright colours and fun prints, in silhouettes that are super flattering and wearable for either everyday wear or as a little something special for every now and then. She also offers a fully customisable experience, meaning that you can provide your exact measurements or preferences in finer details like zips and closures, to really make that piece just right.

Olivia Rose The Label

Olivia Rose Havelock is an independent designer that created her ethereal clothing label back in January 2017. A textile design graduate from the Chelsea College of Art and Design, she now hand makes her designs in her Edinburgh studio, with every step of the process being ethically sourced and produced by herself.

Instagram: @oliviarosethelabel

Her romanticised sleeves and silky fabrics are truly gorgeous and are definitely the kinds of pieces that will make you look luxurious and feel luxurious. Each hand crafted garment is made with considerable amounts of care and patience, meaning that these stunning dresses will last you for plenty of events to come.

LackLustre Embroidery

Sick of going into H&M to find cheesy or badly done embroidered slogan t-shirts? Then I’ve got the solution for you. LackLustre Embroidery is a one woman sustainable embroidery business, focusing on t-shirts and patches. Her designs are fun and sometimes cheeky, whilst still making them wearable.

Instagram: @lacklustreembroidery

These t-shirts are the perfect boxy everyday fit, and they’re also made out of 100% cotton, meaning you might end up falling asleep in them later on in the day because they’re just as good as being in pyjamas. Many of her pieces also come in a range of colours, so whether you’re a fan of colour or not, there’s definitely something for you.

Veronica Velveteen

Veronica Velveteen is a lil independent fashion brand based down in Portsmouth that creates vintage style pieces with actual vintage fabric (doesn’t get much better than that). The brand features plenty of wearable yet exciting pieces that are also super affordable, yet when you think that brands like ASOS or Topshop would charge the same amount for pieces that haven’t been well made, won’t fit right etc, you’d be mad not to check out this stuff.

Instagram: @veronicavelveteen

P.S. wanna be sustainable but don’t really fancy buying someone else’s second hand underwear? Veronica Velveteen creates stunning handmade pieces in luxurious fabrics to make you feel 10/10 whilst also not costing an arm and a leg! That means you could stock up on 3-4 pairs of these gorgeous things for the same price as one ‘fancy’ pair from Victoria’s Secret that you know you are too uncomfortable to wear anyway.

So, there’s my range of sustainable yet affordable brands that I have to share with you today. Please do give each of them a looking into as you definitely won’t be disappointed!


Sophie x

The truth about designer purchases

Hello again! As I’m getting back into the swing of blogging and I’m currently feeling inspired, I thought I’d speak my mind on a particular topic that I’ve had a lot of thoughts on. Truth being told, it’s a bit of a marmite topic to say the least as everyone is either all for it or they see no point in it, and that topic my friends is luxury clothing.

Bag: Shrimps

Now this will most definitely be a very personal and very taboo conversation surrounding money, and I don’t want to pass off any kind of bragging or materialistic vibe within this piece, it’s just something that I feel like we need to be more open and honest about in order to make money less of a touchy subject and instead make it okay to say you’re struggling and need a bit of help.

Speaking from an honest and personal perspective, I’ve came from a family that has often at times struggled financially and thus growing up I’ve never been showered with expensive presents. Although my family is now in a stable and comfortable financial situation, I know that that’s not the case for a lot of people and the idea of spending money on things that aren’t necessities is just frivolous and a big mistake.

Coat: Shrimps, top: Alexa Chung, skirt: H&M, shoes: Depop (Dr Martens)

That being said, this is the first time in my life that I’ve ever had any kind of security. I now have savings and I’m budgeting my student loan, and I’m also working from time to time whenever I’m back home. Yet given this understanding of ‘I am fine for money’, I still have that guilt and caution about spending money and getting back to a past experience, as if it’s ingrained into my head. Yes in a way it’s a good thing, but it’s also such a negative thought process that has stopped me from doing what I want to do in the past and caused me to miss out on some great opportunities.

Now as to where designer items come into this story, as we all know the Christmas and January sales have been in everyone’s face recently. In that past I’d never even cared for looking at the discounts on websites like Selfridges or Net a Porter, as I couldn’t afford it so what was the point? Yes of course there were things that I’d be lusting over but I wasn’t actually considering buying them, it was just too extortionate. Yet after recently organising my savings and realising that I am financially stable, I realised that I could in fact buy these pieces that I’d been looking at for years. So I did.

Coat: Shrimps, top: vintage (Pop Boutique), jeans: Topshop, bag: gift

In my opinion, luxury pieces shouldn’t be bought because of their expensive look and the misinterpretation that they give off. When designer items become a trend and people buy into them even though they realistically wouldn’t have even considered buying that item 5 years ago, that’s when it’s a bad decision. Wanting an expensive item just simply because it fits your own personal style and you can imagine yourself wearing it in 10 years time, that’s what’s worth it.

I think that part of the stigma around designer purchases at a young age from other young people is heavily down to each persons background and what their lifestyle is now. Some people work full time jobs and get a steady income that they can easily afford to treat themselves whilst also setting themselves up for the future, whilst others are in education living on student loans whilst trying to get themselves in their dream career in the years to come. Some people live with their parents and don’t have many financial responsibilities whereas others can be the main provider for their household. To some people they wouldn’t even consider spending above a certain amount on clothing, whereas to others they’d have no reason not to.

Clothing is also seen as a pointless thing to spend all of your money on, because yes you can buy a handbag for £10 on the high street. But that same mentality can be applied to anything luxurious makeup, haircuts, tattoos, home decor, cars etc. There’s usually a price difference in these things due to the quality of the item and the care put into them, and especially how long they will last you for. Luxury clothing can be beautiful and practical and will save you a lot of money in the long run if it’s the right type of investment piece, so it’s not always about the flashiness of the new bag either.

It’s not a heavy topic in itself but the circumstances around it can often be similar or different to what you may have experienced, but it’s just a case of leaving people to do what they want with their money. Also money is just paper, yes it establishes things like a roof over your head and food on the table but if you’ve got that then you don’t need to rely on money for happiness. As long as you are okay financially and you can buy that coat or buy those shoes without it having a huge impact on your wellbeing, then fucking do it.

Apologises for the preachy tone but I just wanted to emphasise on how treating yourself does not need to have a guilty connotations along with it. This goes for luxury pieces or even little things like just buying a face mask because you want it. Again, if you’ll be okay without that money in your bank, you may as well buy it.

Lots of love,

Sophie x

My favourite second hand finds of 2019

Hi stranger, long time no see! I know it’s been ages since I’ve been active on the blog, but I’ve tried to focus on enjoying the festive period as much as possible whilst I was back home from uni. Now that I’m back in Leeds and getting into the swing of things again, I thought I’d kick start the new year in the best way with a bit of sustainability.

Now if you know me, you know that I’m a massive second hand shopping addict. Whether it be through depop, charity shops, vintage shops, I just can’t get enough of it. Not only that, but after years of skimming and scrolling, I’ve also developed a secret gift for spotting the best finds out there at an impressive bargain too.

Often I’ll share with my friends what I’ve found or what deal I’ve found, to which they always reply with encouragement for me to share some of them, which is what I thought I’d do today! So if this is your type of thing, then I hope it encourages you to shop second hand and be a bit more friendly to the environment (and to your bank account too!).

1. Miu Miu bag

Now this list doesn’t necessarily go in any particular order, but this bag I’m about to confess my love to you about is definitely up there as one of my most favourite second hand finds of all time. I do love a bit of Prada and their collections are usually very strong, but their sister brand Miu Miu just hits the nail on the head for me. Anyway, I’m on Depop one day and I see this beautifully made baby pink Miu Miu handbag that looks to be genuine and in great condition. I check the price, £45.

I was hesitant at first due to the ridiculously low starting price, so I messaged the girl about it. She said she had bought it on Depop herself but there’s no proof of authenticity. She also said that she’s pretty certain herself due to the quality and the finer details on the hardware that it’s genuine, and that she’s only selling it due to her lack of usage of the bag.

Although I had doubts in my head, I still ordered it. When it arrived I was truly shocked and agreed on her previous statement, everything was perfect, the Miu Miu embossing was perfect even down to the finer details on smaller hardware inside the bag. Basically, someone must have went to a ridiculous and expensive level of effort to rip off this bag. These bags usually retail for around £800, so you can imagine my shock when I realise that this definitely doesn’t seem like a fake.

As for the bag itself, I haven’t been able to stop wearing it. The shape and size is perfect, the shade of pink just works with everything, and the quality of the leather is incredible and has shown no signs of wear in the two or so months that I’ve had it. This is definitely an item that I’m going to treasure for a life time and even if I have kids, they’re not getting their hands on it.

2. Miu Miu velvet coat

Following on with my second and last Miu Miu item, this piece is one of my current favourites that I just can’t resist wearing, and which I also find is very well complimented by random strangers too, particularly on its stunning shade of dark green velvet. This Miu Miu military style coat was something that I’d spotted about two months ago, and the stunning shape and detailed embroidered patches really stood out to me. It was originally listed at £95 (which is already an incredible bargain) due to the previous owner wanting a quick sale.

Sometimes I will put an offer down that’s a little lower than what I’d be willing to pay, that way the seller is more inclined to meet in the middle to what you’d want. So I put an offer of £60 aiming to meet for around £80, to which the seller was a bit hesitant and didn’t accept straight away. As time went on, she progressively lowered her offers down until she got to £65, to which I happily accepted. And the rest was history.

This piece I’ve worn a fair few times already in the month that I’ve had it, and the velvet texture is surprisingly really durable. The military style is something that I feel like compliments my wardrobe that is slightly more on the feminine side than the average person, as I feel like it contrasts well with this, without making it clash too much. Thankfully I got it right in the middle of winter, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of this coat on my Instagram!

3. Matching Plaid jacket

This piece might seem like quite a random choice in comparison to the past two items, but the story behind it is quite surprising. So I never usually order from websites like Pretty Little Thing or Boohoo, but Missguided had a Barbie collab that featured this sweet little plaid skirt that I’ve worn so much over the past year or so. Now since I’ve moved to Leeds there’s some charity shops in my area that have a great selection from time to time, and as I was popping over to the shops to get some food, I thought I’d nip into this particular charity shop a few doors down.

I spent no longer than 10 minutes browsing around, a few things had caught my eye but nothing too exciting, then as I was about to leave I’d spotted this this nice plaid jacket. However, it was only when I’d picked it up that u realised that it was in fact the matching jacket to my skirt (which I didn’t know even existed) and it was in my exact size too. Of course I had to get it, especially due to the fact that I’d thought maybe once or twice about how nice the skirt would look as a co-ord set. These types of ‘what are the chances’ situations happen quite frequently when I’m shopping second hand, so majority of the time I never turn them down.

4. Alexa Chung Hardcore T-shirt

Something you may or may not know about me is that I collect a few things within my wardrobe, mainly for my own satisfaction but also for the chance that if I were to need a great deal of cash in a random scenario then I’m sorted. One area that is more for my own fulfilment is Alexa Chung t-shirts. I’m fond of her design process and I feel like graphic tees are so hard to get just right, without being too boring or too cheesy. So, the ones I look out for the most are the ones from her first few seasons. These t-shirts she designed are what I imagine to be her years worth of ideas for the perfect everyday slogan t-shirts that she would have kept in her mind until she started her brand, unleashing them to the public.

I already had quite a handful of her tees to start with, but there was one that I was wanting to get my hands on since it was first debuted a few years ago, this was the Hard Core t-shirt. A humorous but subtle play on words, with a timeless old English font in a block red shade, it just seemed like a great everyday piece. Now these t-shirts are very hard to come across on depop or eBay these days, so you can imagine my satisfaction when I come across one selling for £20 inc shipping (these t-shirts usually retail for about £75), in great condition and in my size. This piece has now became one of my favourites overall within my wardrobe and I get excited every time I get to wear it again.

5. Mary Jane Doc Martens

Last but certainly not least, and also my most recent addition, are my beautiful little Mary Jane docs. These babies I’d been admiring for years, from the early tumblr days to right now at the ripe old age of 20, the love never seemed to fade. I do actually have two other pairs of docs, both in a different shape and one of which was also a great depop find, but I was wanting just a classic plain black pair that would go with everything and would just simply do the job.

This exact pair I’d manage to find through a lovely seller on depop listing them at a humble £25. Considering I’d gotten so close to paying full price for these shoes, I’m so glad this opportunity arose. They came in brilliant condition with very minimal sights of actual wear and they fit just like a glove. As beautiful as they are there is of course the painful inevitably of the wearing in stage. So far this pair have been okay but as of yesterday I’ve began to get very small blisters, so I’m going to let them heal for a little while before I get back into the swing of pairing them with every outfit I wear.

So there we have some of my favourite second hand finds for 2019! It’s been quite a year to say the least but I’m content with these special finds that I’d picked up along the way, now for 2020 to bring even more gorgeous clothes and I hope that you all manage to stumble across your next obsession! I’ll be back on here soon now that I’m all prepped for the new year.

Lots of love,

Sophie x

Festive season outfits

Hello hello! It’s been a short while since I’ve wrote on here (I’m currently fully invested in the uni life right now) but I thought I’d take some time to have a good browse at some of the amazing festive season party outfits that are out at the minute. These were all heavily inspired by my 2020 trend forecasting post I wrote back in the summer, but the roaring 20’s is most definitely the predominant theme across all of these looks!

Now I know I preach about sustainability in most of my topics, which I do fully stand by, but it’s highly unrealistic that the everyday person and people who may be on a tighter budget would be able to afford to get dressed up and fancy whilst still being 100% ethical and all the other faff that goes along with it. SO, I’ve combined a few popular online stores that I know people will be confident in the sizing and general quality of the pieces, and so that you can be sure to get a great outfit in time for the festive season.


To kick things off, Nastygal currently have a huge range of party wear available to suit everyone’s styles and shapes, but this blazer did certainly catch my eye! Wear over a turtleneck for a more formal approach, or on its own for more of a bold statement. Maybe you could pair it with this necklace set for some added details? If blazers aren’t necessarily your type of thing, maybe a simple satin dress can do the talking. Either way, both of these looks would be incredible with an oversized fur coat on top.


I decided to have a quick browse on Missguided just to see what the options were, and boy they’ve really went the extra mile with the party looks. With an obvious influence from early 2000’s Paris Hilton in mind, this over the top pink organza dress would definitely grant you the best dressed title at the work Christmas do. If you like the idea but you’re wanting something a bit more subtle, maybe this subtle pink velvet mini dress could be a good idea. Alternatively, you could go the complete opposite route and go for this classic suit, in a nice velvet blazer and trousers combo. To keep your feet looking glam too, these diamante heels would definitely tie the whole look together.


ASOS is the one that I’d definitely give the highest rating to in terms of nailing that 20’s style New Years outfit. From a matching fringed skirt and crop top set, to an embellished super cropped top that could work over any cute slip dresses, they’ve done a good job. If you really wanted to go fully on theme, then this embellished dress with added feather details is surely what you’re looking for. As for shoes, these star print mules add both comfort and fun to your outfit as you dance away into 2020.

So that’s all of the amazing party pieces that I have to share with you today, be sure to let me know if you purchase any of them! I hope December brings along many fun nights out and a lot of good booze.

Sophie x

Formal flat shoes for any occasion

Hello again lovely people! As it’s now day 4 of my back to uni series, and we’ve explored everything from styling tips to figuring out what you even like in the first place, I thought we’d take it easy today with some fun and fancy flat shoes on ASOS that are minimal in any uncomfortable heels, yet still look super suitable for any formal occasion. I’ve tried to select a variety of different styles and colours, textures and materials, just in the hopes that you reading might find even just that one perfect pair that you could see yourself in.

ASOS Design Snaffle Loafer

Starting off with a classic black loafer, these babies are a must have for practically anyone on the planet. If you don’t already own a pair then this faux leather horse bit pair are the all round great option to add to your wardrobe. Wear them with jeans and a t-shirt for a slightly more put together look, or a matching suit to complete an already formal outfit. (£25)

ASOS Design Mae Western Shoes

These western style shoes were one of the first pairs I considered to add into this post, I mean just look at them! Suitable for either day or night wear, these shoes not only feel fancy, but also don’t include a huge heel like most traditional western style boots have. Comfort and style came together and made this pair you see right before your eyes. (£32)

ASOS Design Ludo Bow Ballet Flats

Ah yes now we’re all familiar with a simply ballet flat, however this particular pair are good for a super chic yet comfortable footwear choice. The patent material means that any rainy wedding won’t ruin these babies, yet they’re so well balanced with the textured bow on top without being too childish. (£18)

ASOS Design Bow Slingback Flats

Now for the more experimental cousin of the previous pair, we have these beautiful pink velvet sling backs. If you’re looking for a statement shoe to compliment a more laid back outfit, then this is the answer to your prayers. It would be super interesting to see these paired with a plain black midi dress or maybe even a full black suit, if that’s more to your taste. (£22)

ASOS Design Malta Mule Beige Croc

Now for my personal FAVOURITE pair which I’m most definitely contemplating buying for myself, we have these beige coloured faux croc mules with a super elegant tortoise shell buckle. This is the pair that would most definitely suit any colour palette, any outfit and any occasion, rain or shine, full day event or just there for the buffet kind of trip. (£22)

ASOS Design Sochi Slingback Mid Heels

If you’re a fan of Chanel’s more recent summer shows than this is the type of shoe that you might be interested in. This woven texture with the classic black toe and detailing is so reminiscent of some current Chanel pieces out right now, yet for a fraction of the price. These shoes would be a great late summer addition that you know will be still in style to wear for many summers to come! (£32)

ASOS Design Chunky Brogue In Green

Saving potentially the best for last, we have these Dr Marten-esque bottle green brogues that were way too good of a find to not include in this post. Suitable for any masculine or feminine taste, these shoes are a super great choice for any occasion you might have coming up. Even besides any formal events, these shoes are also a perfect pair for everyday use if you fancy something a bit more cool looking. (£30)

So there we have some of my top picked flat shoes for any formal occasion, or even just for some extra fancy day to day wear. I hope that you’ve found at least that one perfect pair that you might consider investing in, especially as party season is coming closer and closer!

Sophie x

Autumn pieces you might just need

Back so soon I see? Ha ha ha. Anyway, today brings part 2 of my Back To Uni series, following on from yesterday’s ‘How to find your style’ post. So if you’ve figured out what types of pieces you’d like to bring into your new wardrobe, here are some Autumn transitional pieces that I thought would be a mixture of different tastes, whilst all remaining stylish and suitable for this time of the year, as well as any and every freshers plans that you might stumble across at the last minute.




So this was a selection of different items from a variety of different sites that I thought were some great autumn winter pieces to share with you. If you’ve fallen in love with even just one of these pieces and you’ve decided to buy it, do let me know and we can be equally as excited about it haha.

See you again tomorrow for some smart casual uni outfit styling ideas!

Sophie x

Finding your style on a budget

Hello friends! I’ve recently posted a suggestions story on my Instagram for some blog post ideas for whilst I’m starting uni, and one of you lovely readers wanted to see a post on finding your style and wearing what you want to, whilst remaining on a budget. I thought that this topic would be a great thing to discuss in depth where I can include a lot of factors from getting inspiration to trialling new pieces etc. So, if this is something you’re interested in then do keep reading.

First step, have a good wardrobe rummage. Look for the pieces that you enjoy wearing and separate them from those which you know you don’t wear. Why don’t you wear them? Is it the fit? The colour? Does it not go with anything else in your wardrobe? Whatever the answer may be, consider these factors for when you’re buying new pieces. Look out for gaps in your wardrobe where you might not have enough bottoms or tops and so you might want to focus on adding in some more of these pieces.

If you’re feeling completely lost and you’re in need of some form of guidance before doing any shopping, I’d highly recommend getting some inspiration to start with. Whether it be a Pinterest board, browsing online or whatever your preference is, save any image that you like the look of. It doesn’t have to be a whole look or something you could initially picture yourself wearing, it could just be the colour or the shape of the piece, how long it is or how it hangs from the body. Once you’ve gathered many different sources and you have them all on one board or in an album you may start to see some patterns throughout the images. What you like about these pieces and what the reoccurring themes are will evidently show through.

Once you’ve got some kind of idea of what type of colours, shapes, fits, textures and all that malarkey that you’re quite fond of, it’s a good thing to see if these styles will suit your everyday life. Smart and casual dressing are figurative ideas that differ between every person, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to prioritise either of these categories. Likewise, look out for clothes that will suit your lifestyle. If you’re a student who’s plans can vary each week, then you may want to look for pieces that can be used to dress up/dress down a look (consider shirts or t-shirts, jeans or trousers, blazers or cardigans etc).

So now you’ve got a good understanding of what you want out of your wardrobe. Now is the time to bring a friend or your mam and go on a good shopping trip. But… if you’re wanting this trip to be on a budget, I’d highly recommend checking out the charity shops, thrift shops and Depop first. These shops are the perrrfect way of trying out new styles at a cheap price, and if you try out each piece and don’t find them to be exactly what you’re looking for, you can easily resell or donate them to a charity shop again and there’s been no environmental harm done in the process. As we’re heading into the colder months, charity shops can also be the perfect place to find jumpers and coats without having to worry about specific sizes.

If you’ve found a few pieces through this method but you’re still looking around for those more specific items you’ve been hunting for, have a good browse around many different stores both in person and online, just to test the variety. Many shops will sell a pair of white jeans but they will each have something slightly different to them than the shop next door, and it’s those little details that end up being the make or break of your relationship with them. Although the budget may be a focal point for shopping, it will be worth it in the long run spending a bit more on a skirt that you’ll wear forever than one you’ll wear once before you don’t like how short it is. Always try clothes on when you have the chance, and a good tip to follow is imagine at least three pieces in your wardrobe already that you know that they’d work with.

My final tip: wear what you want to wear. You’re going to feel a lot worse if you walk into uni wearing jeans and a t-shirt if you really wanted to wear a particular dress that day, but you didn’t have the confidence to try it because you haven’t tried to before. Your wardrobe is what shows your personality before you’ve even opened your mouth, and so why would you try to hide that? At the end of the day you can literally just take your clothes off and wear something completely different the next day, and so if you’re wanting to ease into a style that you’ve been wanting to wear for a while, then you can take it a step at a time. If a dress or a pair of bright red shoes are going to make you a bit more confident than normal, then don’t hold it back. Once you start taking it step by step you’ll eventually be wearing exactly what you want to and the consideration of what other people are thinking will completely evaporate.

Well, those were my tips on how to find your style on a budget. I know that this can be quite a common issue for younger people who are trying to put more effort in with their wardrobe or don’t seem to know exactly what their style is. This process isn’t necessarily to reinvent your style but more to keep up with its continuous evolution as the years go by. So, I hope you’ve taken something away from this and I hope to see you again tomorrow for a continuation of this back to uni series!

Sophie x

Coats you can experiment with without being too bold

A dear friend of mine was asking for some recommendations of different coats that are out at the minute that aren’t too daring for the average person. So, after doing some late night browsing for her, I found a great selection of pieces on Topshop in particular. Although it can sometimes be a bit pricey, the site has recently been having some frequent offers on, as well as student discount that qualifies for anything (including sale items). So due to this, I thought I’d share some of the great finds on Topshop right now.

Rust Corduroy Shacket

Kicking things off we have a great alternative for those of you who love a denim jacket. A shacket is the best type of structured, slightly more ‘business’ style jacket without being too dressy or too suffocating. The boxy shape and large front pocket give off a utility vibe without looking like you’ve came straight of the army, and this rust colour is a brilliant shade for this transitional period. At £39, you can’t really go wrong with this.

PU Biker Jacket

Ah yes, a classic biker jacket without the intimidating jet black tone. Leather or PU jackets are great for a more waterproof alternative to a standard jacket, yet this off white colour is a lot easier to wear with any wardrobe and style. The cut of the garment and the hardware featured makes this £49 jacket a complete bargain that looks a lot more expensive than what you could get it for.

Chicago Brown Belted Vinyl Coat

Now for the expected hit jacket of the season, we have this stunning New York style vinyl coat. This baby will make you look like an out of office fashion editor, off to fetch the morning coffee in the drizzly September weather. Yes that’s a bit more romantic than a pouring down, Monday morning walk to your lecture, but it can be easy to imagine that you’re somewhere else in this coat (and you’d much rather be paying £59 for this coat and getting semi close to that dream than maxing out your overdraft for an underwhelming flight to NYC).

Apricot Shacket With Wool

Here she is, the one for all. This Apricot beauty is a real life sweet dream in coat formation. Again, a beloved shacket, this wool blend coat is definitely a good investment piece for the colder weeks approaching. Sometimes the only thing that can brighten a miserable rainy day is a soft pink coat, so here is your solution at £59. (This piece also comes in a teal shade too, but that will be featured on an upcoming blog post this week, so stay tuned).

Black Double Breasted Blazer

Seems a bit simple, but a black structured blazer is definitely a must have for any wardrobe. Although many of you may already have a standard blazer in your clothing collection that you whack out at every formal event, this type of blazer can make your usual ‘jeans and a t-shirt’ combo turn into a much more out together look, without looking too overdressed. This particular one is £49 and the rectangular shape with minimal crossover means that it would look perfect when worn unbuttoned.

Slouch Coat

This honey yellow dress coat that simply speaks for itself. If the pink coat previously mentioned isn’t suited to your particular colour palette, I’m sure that this can work it’s way into your wardrobe. The cut is stunning, the huge pockets are exactly what us girls need, and at £65 this is the best investment piece for many winters to come.

Ecru Faux Leather Tie Shacket

Last but certainly not least, we have super chic looking faux leather number. Yes, it’s another shacket, but this style of coat in this creamy white shade is perfectly mouldable to whatever colour palette or style you have. The tie belt offers the ability to give more shape to your look, or wear it without the belt for a more boyish feel. The faux leather means it’s both waterproof and easy to clean, so this could be all that you need to survive the dreaded winter to come. This baby is priced at £49, so it’s definitely an affordable and timeless piece that will stand the test of time for years to come.

This concludes my broadcast of some of the beaut new coats in Topshop this season. Obviously some of these may be a bit pricey at this moment in time, but Topshop has recently had some frequent offers on throughout their whole collections, plus if you get student discount then that can be added on top of any reduced items! I hope you’ve all found at least one style that you fancy, and I hope to see you again on Monday for the start of my Freshers week of blog posts!

Thanks again,

Sophie x

How to build a capsule wardrobe

Hello guys! As well as last week’s blog post on my designer wishlist being super requested, you were also very keen to see a capsule wardrobe themed post, so I thought I’d discuss that today.

I’ve spent the past few years learning the capsule lifestyle both from reading and listening to others talk about the subject, and from personal experience too. My own process has been both a challenge and a reward from time to time, yet overall I’m happy with the clothes that I have and they all fit my lifestyle, taste, and my body of course.

So what is a capsule wardrobe you might be thinking? Well, a capsule wardrobe can be altered to fit anyone that chooses to have it, but the overall process of it is to curate your wardrobe to be functional and suitable for yourself, without being excessive in size or containing masses of untouched pieces.

Basically, it’s going through your wardrobe and not just picking out what you like and don’t like, but what you wear regularly and what you no longer have a purpose for.

Now the actual vision of a capsule wardrobe can change from person to person. There’s the 333 guide online which is developed from ‘back in the day’ when the average woman would have 33 pieces in her wardrobe to suit the climate and her lifestyle. Hypothetically, you could put that down to 11 tops, 11 bottoms and 11 miscellaneous items to mix it up.

The numbers can differ to your preference, if you’re just starting and you’ve got an overflowing wardrobe that you’re struggling to shrink down, you could go to 50 pieces and split it up however you want.

let’s say you’re a student in England who goes out occasionally, with a taste for darker colours and minimal faff: you might want to focus on everyday items that you could also dress up or down for going into uni or going to the pub. If you’ve got a bright green hoodie that you never wear because you don’t like wearing much colour, it’s not worth keeping. That piece could be passed on to a friend or family member or even onto depop or a charity shop where someone else would want to wear it everyday.

Or what if you’re a person in their 30’s with a full time office job and you want to keep those few items for when there’s a special occasion? Focus on the types of pieces you enjoy wearing every week and feel comfortable wearing for long hours, and invest in those types of pieces if you feel like you could do with more variation of that particular garment and you know you’d get your wear out of it.

Keeping the odd piece here and there for those special events that don’t correlate with your day to day style is totally understandable and practical, but let go of that dress you’ve had for way too long to remember and hasn’t fit you in about half of that.

Once you’ve organised what works for you, you now have the chance to find those key pieces that work for you if there are any gaps in your wardrobe. If you mainly stick to particular colours then feel free to add in a skirt that you think would work greatly with the majority of the tops that you’d already own.

The process should be exciting and relieving so don’t feel pressured to get your wardrobe to a particular size or feel like you need to do it all in one weekend, it’s pieces that you’ll wear for years to come so take your time and enjoy curating your own wardrobe.

If you are interested in the capsule wardrobe lifestyle and you’re considering giving it a go yet you’re having some doubts or feel like it’s a bit of a hassle, it’s worth it. Yes you might have to take an hour out of your week to really figure out your wardrobe, but that time quickly gets added up when you’re thinking of what to wear whilst staring at hundreds of pieces that you don’t wear.

Thanks for reading, I really hope that you’ve taken something from this post and that I’ve explained the topic well enough for those asking for it!

Thanks again,


Tips for shopping second hand

Hello everyone! Recently I’ve been getting a few messages relating to my last blog post about shopping second hand, specifically from those who often struggle to find anything nice in charity shops or on Depop. So, after today’s excursions with a lot of shopping, I’ve been coming up with some tips on shopping second hand and more particularly, finding some good stuff wherever you go.

Jumper and handbag both from charity shops, dress is Topshop

1. Have some ideas of what you’re looking for.

Although it might seem a bit pointless to be aiming to find particular items in charity shops or vintage shops since everything is basically one of a kind, it can make the whole shopping process a lot easier. Instead of walking into a shop surrounded by dozens of pieces, if you know you’re after some new jeans or a jumper for instance, you can focus more on that area and thus it will narrow down your shopping horizon.

2. Look at all the sizes.

This one might be a bit of a strange one, but don’t just stick to your own size when it comes to browsing. More specific items like t-shirts, hoodies and dresses can often look better in a few sizes up, so you may as well give it a go. On that note, don’t be afraid to vary between ‘gender specific Ed’ isles as retailers excel in certain garments for men in contrast to the quality or fit for women, and vice versa.

3. Check regularly.

Like most high street stores, the second hand retailers and websites are constantly absorbing new stock everyday. Sometimes it can be easy to feel like there’s nothing that exciting on Depop or in a second hand shop and so it can put you off looking again soon. However, new items will be constantly getting uploaded or donated by the hour, so what you might be struggling to look through one day could be a gold mine the next. Obviously this doesn’t mean that you have to get the bus to town everyday just to look in the charity shops, but just by simply adding them to the places you’ll visit every time you go shopping will give you so much more variety.

4. Go there first.

Following on from my last point, there is nothing worse than seeing an item so similar to an item you’ve just bought up for sale in a different shop at a fraction of the price. This is just an easy solution, but always go to any second hand shops first to see if anything catches your eye. If you’ve done a whole months worth of shopping in one day and then you decide to pop into a charity shop, you’re going to not really care as much to find anything as you’ll already have bags filled with new things.

5. Consider how it would work with what you already have.

Just because an item isn’t exactly something you’d normally go for, doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. That piece might be the exact type of thing that you’re missing from your wardrobe which you might discover that you become obsessed with, if you give it a go. If you’re buying the exact same things every time then it can become very easy to buy things because you always wear that item, which yes theoretically is a good thing, but in the long run will just cause you to feel like there isn’t much variety in your wardrobe. So try something new, this is the perfect chance to experiment and evolve your style since it’s cheap enough and isn’t doing much damage to your bank account or the environment for that matter!

This vintage dress is from Marie Curie, it was just £1.99!

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that you’ve gotten at least one thing out of it, if you have any questions about the subject or just want to talk about some things you’ve found recently, just pop me a message!

Thanks again,

Sophie x