Not your everyday fashion bloggers

Greetings friends hope you’re all well. I got asked recently if I had any Instagram fashion ‘influencers’ or bloggers that I admire and that they I feel inspired by from time to time, and it got me thinking about the fact that many of the people that we see on fashion brand’s instas all follow a very similar style. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing, or that their style isn’t personal to themselves, but it can become a bit repetitive. So, here are a few of my own personal favourite Instagram fashion bloggers that don’t all follow that recurring style.


Marie is the type of person that you look at and can’t quite put your finger on which aspect of her style you admire the most. Is it the colourful monochromatic styling? Is it her romanticised play with textures and cosy knits? Or is the combination of calming colours and cuddly cardigans just the perfect combination of C’s for an attractive insta feed?

Not only that, but her collaborative work features many new and upcoming brands, fresh from Scandinavia in more specifically. Many of which are ethically driven towards creating sustainable and eco-friendly garments, in which Marie uses her platform to style in fresh and contemporary ways.

Overall, her fun and flamboyant outfits are super refreshing in a world of all black and occasional neon green. Besides that, her not-so-serious styling is also a good influence to have on an audience, as fashion should be fun and enjoyable, without any feelings of pressure to dress in a particular way in order to be ‘stylish’.


Maria definitely gives me that cliche ‘cool girl in school that didn’t speak to anyone but nobody messed with her’ vibe that you see in all the American teen movies. She can clash as many prints as possible but still look effortless and put together, but in a cool way.

She finds a way to make everything and anything work together, no matter how tacky or outrageous the outfit may be. Purple sparkly flared trousers with a complimentary pink t-shirt? Who wouldn’t do that. You never know what type of day she’s dressing for or what she’s doing, but she looks prepared for anything, and that’s hot.

She can go from one extreme to the other, from an 80’s party go-er to a 90’s schoolgirl who spends her time between the library and skateboarding to school and back. The versatility in her styling is something so refreshing and exciting to see and I’d really recommend you gave her a follow, even if she’s not to your particular taste it’s just fun to see.


Karoline Herr is a German fashion and interiors enthusiast that dedicates her instagram towards combining these two elements into one strong and visually pleasing feed. She’s a fan of soft and neutral tones in both of these areas, and she enjoys a more architectural play on shapes and proportions.

Her style is super feminine without necessarily being ‘girly’. It’s mature in a way that makes her look polished and flawless, but it doesn’t age her or look too dated.

Her images make a welcoming appearance, as they’re not too bombarding of brands or labels, just simply good style. In a world of instagram it’s hard to avoid materialism and caring too much about the status of items, but it’s easy to tell that Karoline looks to items for their beauty and inspiring qualities rather than the opposing ideas. Overall, she’s a pretty good person to be following.


Ah Karen, you legend. Karen has been an all time favourite fashion admirer of mine since I properly got invested in the fashion world. A Brit now living in New York, she takes inspiration from both places within her wardrobe, and you can also find her documenting the street style of New York over on her YouTube channel (under the same username).

One thing that initially drawn me to Karen’s style was her heavy inclusion of vintage and second hand pieces. She speaks a lot of sustainable fashion and shopping ethically, and so her outfits reflect that same idea of timeless pieces: never outdated fashion.

She’s also a big fashion of jewel tones, fun textures, and vintage cuts. Wide or flared leg trousers are a common appearance, as well as a good turtleneck and chunky boots. By the way, she’s also super excited about clothes, and when I say excited, I MEAN excited, go to her YouTube to see exactly what I mean).


Last but certainly not least, we have the wonderful Jenny Mustard. She’s originally from Sweden, but her and her boyfriend David have moved from capital to capital for many years now, and are currently residing in London! Her Scandinavian background plays a great influence on her wardrobe and her minimalist lifestyle, and she’s also a great enthusiast for veganism and social change as she discusses on her weekly podcast.

Jenny’s instagram features a very faff-free consistency, showcasing her chic and contemporary styling in her toned surroundings. She’s a lover of sustainability and she uses her platform to showcase some of Scandinavia’s best organic and ethical brands, whilst also going a step further on her YouTube channel to provide a variety of styling videos to help make the most out of your wardrobe.

Her style is never too much of anything, never too boyish or girly, never too put together or too laid back, it’s just right. She’s always one for outfit repeating (as we all should do) yet her ability to switch up an outfit to make it feel all brand new again is a great influence to have on your feed. 10/10 in my books if you ask me.

So that’s a few of my most favourite fashion bloggers, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and maybe even discovered a new account that you’re on your way to follow! Anyway, I’ll be back soon with anyone fun post.


Sophie x

Rihanna’s Fenty launch with LVMH

Rihanna has became the newest partner of the LVMH franchise (the Disney of fashion in a way) meaning that her newly debuted fashion line ‘Fenty’ will have a bright future, sitting at the same table as fellow LVMH invested brands like Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior.

She’s made history as the first woman to create a label with the company, and Fenty will also be the first brand in over 30 years to join the LVMH family.

Along with her singing career, lingerie line and multimillion makeup line ‘Fenty Beauty’, Rihanna’s partnership with LVMH alone will secure her brand a secure future, as well as gaining herself a good reputation within the fashion industry.

Just this week she has debuted her Fenty Maison collection, branded under the LVMH umbrella. The collection follows along with her iconic neutral colour palette that she features within all of her businesses, with particular pink and white tonal references to her Savage X Fenty line.

Rihanna’s focus on shape and structure could be seen as a reflection of fellow designer and potential friend of hers, Simon Porte Jacquemus. The two both share a desire for embracing femininity and female empowerment within their designs, yet Rihanna’s past experience with successfully designing lingerie could be a participant to this design vision.

“Women are forces of this earth. We are multifaceted, complex, vulnerable yet bulletproof, and Fenty speaks to all of our intricacies. Some days I want to be submissive, many days I’m completely in charge and most days I feel like being both … so it was imperative that we created a line versatile enough to embrace and celebrate us in that way.

The collections are easily worn together and meant to be staples in our wardrobe. I’m just hyped to see people in my clothes, man.”

– a recent statement from Rihanna.

In my personal opinion, I believe Rihanna has done exactly what she said she would. The collection is versatile yet still complimentary, and so each piece works together to create an overall aesthetic.

Her direction and vision for her collection is very prominent, and I think that her intelligent way of reimagining the standard suit or denim jacket to push the boundaries of ‘basic pieces’, whilst still being artistic yet wearable, is something that I think a lot of designers of higher status should be paying attention to.

Overall, I think this hot topic of Rihanna & LVMH is something that will continue to grow and gain success and recognition within the industry for the seasons to come. Although this collection was a simple starting point, I think that Rihanna’s creativity will provide some very exciting collections in future.

Thanks for reading,

Sophie x

Molly Goddard

Who is Molly Goddard?

Molly Goddard is an upcoming British contemporary designer who has built up her self-titled fashion label ‘Molly Goddard’ over the last few years. Her work is very heavily inspired by the outfits her mother and grandmother would make for her as a child, and she still gets her references from old family photographs and children’s knitwear patterns. Goddard’s work is well recognisable as expressive tulle smock dresses in a variety of vivid colours, built up from layers and layers of fabric that has been smocked and stitched on top of each other to reshape the body.

How it all began

Her rise to success began 4 years ago when she expressed her frustration to her boyfriend of not knowing what to do with her career after studying Fashion (Knitwear) at Central Saint Martins. In return, her boyfriend gave her the advice to ‘make clothes you’d want to wear’. This quote was what gave Goddard the motivation to create her first collection for spring 2015. She threw a large party for the debut of the collection, where she had kindly asked for her friends to model her tulle dresses over their jeans and t-shirts. The show had caught the eye of Dover Street Market, to which she was asked to make 86 dresses for to be sold to the public, taking Goddard 15 hours a day for 4 months to complete.

Iconic moments in her career (that you’ve probably already seen but I’m going to talk about anyway because they’re iconic)

It’s incredible to see how far Molly has came within the past 4 years, from designing her first pieces from the comfort of her kitchen, to dressing celebrities such as Rihanna who regularly works with Goddard for runway pieces and even the occasional daytime look. Her work was recently widespread across all of social media from the debut of the new TV show ‘Killing Eve’ where the main character is wearing one of her iconic pink tulle dresses in the middle of the street in Paris, looking completely out of place yet so perfect at the same time. Goddard’s style perfectly represents the women who want to break free of social standards for daily wear, and who also question when fashion became so mundane and uniform.

Why I love her so much

Her ability to take childish, playful designs and reimagine them as modern day works of art that can completely change the stature and impression of a person is impeccable. I admire her imagination and vision to reinforce the fun side of fashion back into the industry, as I believe her designs give women the chance to wear exactly what they want to wear, without any limitations of common shapes or fabrics that should be worn in daily life. Molly Goddard is a person that I am very much inspired by as an artist and as an individual, for her confidence to put her own say into the fashion industry without any fear of meeting social expectations of current trends or styles, instead just wanting to do what she wants to do and make the clothes that she would want to wear if they were available to her.

As a student currently working towards finding my own place in the fashion industry, I take a lot of inspiration from Goddard, as where many designers these days stay within their comfort zone and barely break outside of standard patterns for designs, Molly laughs in the face of standard patterns. Nothing is impossible to this woman, and that is an attitude that is in desperate need within this industry.

Thanks for reading,

Sophie x

Did EDDA GIMNES really do that?

If you’ve been keeping up with the fashion tea this weekend, you may have heard about Moschino’s Spring 2019 RTW show being publicly called out as a fraud. The entire show and it’s illustrative concept has been discovered to be an almost identical rip off of the designer Edda Gimnes’ unique designs, who had previously met with a Moschino rep back in November last year where she shown all of her designs and sketches. From what was displayed as Moschino’s new vision for the upcoming season, it was actually the hard work of Edda and her full design style.

Although this type of scandal is currently getting talked about due to Edda already having a semi large audience to share her story, the truth is that young and upcoming designers are quite frequently being ripped off by these huge multi-million dollar brands because they are small fish in a big pond with no voice to show that their designs are being stolen. Many creative individuals approach these companies on a daily basis with their brilliant portfolios, yet will often be declined any form of a job. That then gives the brand an opportunity to look at someone else’s ideas and take them as their own, without the need of having to think for themselves, and whilst also not giving someone else the money that they could be earning as they deserve. This process means more continuous business for these labels and a never ending cycle of declines and theft for these imaginative and brilliant minds.

Now onto the work and story of Edda Gimnes. Edda studied at the London college of fashion, and her work has always been recognised as illustrative and fun, with the persuasion of bright colours and stand out shapes. Her work has been widely appreciated with awards, even including the New York Times as one of ten “Fresh out of Fashion School designers to watch”. Her exciting and energetic designs are a wonderfully fresh input on the modern day fashion industry, by not taking itself too seriously, and by reminding the surrounding designers and buyers that fashion should always be fun and personal, not heavy and narrow-minded. Edda brings an aura to the fashion industry that it greatly needs, and one that we should be appreciative of in the long run.

Here are some quotes on the style of Edda, direct from her website:

“Edda has always been preoccupied with the concept of past, old and forgotten objects and it is important to her that her collection triggers the viewers an emotional reaction and connection with their inner selves.”

“Edda’s aim is to combine art and fashion in a new and unexpected way, and its important to her that you should have fun with the clothes and I feel like wearing her collection is like dressing up for different characters. She wants people to wonder and question what fashion is, and get carried away into a fantasy world. She thinks it is important not to take fashion too seriously, but have fun with the clothes dress up and make up your own narrative of who you want to be.”

Overall, I’m deeply in love with Eddas’ design mentality and personal style for her brand. Her iconic pieces should never have been stolen, but as a result of speaking out, she’s managed to rightfully call out Moschino and contribute to breaking this Robin Hood-like theft cycle. Thank you for taking the time out to read this piece on the voice and needed justice of Edda Gimnes and her brand.

Sophie x

Style icon: Alexa Chung

The wardrobe, the hair, the sarcastic humour, the clothing line, the quirkiness, here’s just a selection of the many things I can’t help but love about British fashion icon and personality, Alexa Chung.

You may have heard of this wise and witty woman from her big break hosting for MTV, or maybe her book titled ‘It’, or even more recently from her ever growing self-titled clothing line ‘Alexa Chung’. In her early years before her MTV days, she participated in modelling for a few well known brands, thus becoming exposed to the fashion world directly from the designers. She became enthusiastic about the industry whilst she was hosting for MTV, and eventually she began experimenting in collaborating with different fashion companies. One name she worked for was Vogue, where she narrated and was the main star of her documentary all about the fashion industry and how to get into it. Also her collaboration with M&S, where she curated her own archive line using a variety of different patterns and designs from decades of M&S’ clothing line.

Nowadays, you may come across her clothing line in your nearest Selfridges, online, or on her well known Instagram page. She launched her brand back in May 2017, and since then she has launched many different collections, season after season. Her ideas take the chic and dramatic textures, patterns, and shapes from high fashion, and apply them more subtly to everyday streetwear for that perfect range in between these two sides of fashion. Along with her intelligent ways of bringing together high fashion and streetwear, she still succeeds in making her designs 100% hers in reflection of her own style, personality, and heritage.

With heavy emphasis from the 70’s and 80’s, it’s clear to see where Chung’s main fashion inspiration comes from. Some of her items look very much like they’d came out of an 80’s prom; traditional cuts of dresses, but applied with obscure patterns and materials, such as a simple maxi dress embellished with funky chunky sequins. Or say, a pinafore style dress with ruffle details, made out of lilac coloured PVC.

Now for a mini haul! For Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive 3 items from her collection that had each been on my wish list since pretty much the start of time. From my Mam and dad, I got the black t-shirt with a small ‘lonely hearts club’ logo in white, bordered with its own little lonely heart. This I’d considered buying a few times, since surprisingly, I didn’t actually own a black t-shirt (shocker) but now I can say I have a black t-shirt, and a very good one for that matter.

Also for Christmas, my boyfriend decided to be an absolute angel and get me the other two items I’d been eyeing up. Firstly, I’d been gifted a similar t-shirt to the first one, but this version was white and had the heart enlarged and drizzled with pink glitter, hard to resist right? I have a hot pink leather skirt that goes so beautifully with it, so if I end up posting a lot of pictures on Instagram of this exact outfit over and over again, I’m sorry not sorry in advance.

Finally, because one mega gift wasn’t enough, he decided to add in the blue and white gingham tote bag which I like to call my ‘Dorothy bag’. Alexa had created this bag in collaboration with American Express, in honour of the “Small Businesses Saturday” campaign, encouraging people to shop with local businesses more regularly. Now when I was rambling on about the bag to him, I said “oh my gosh, it would be perfect as a springtime bag!” However, I’ve had the bag for about 4 weeks now, and I’ve used it pretty much everyday that I’ve had it. It goes with everything, is great for any occasion, and it just adds a little extra something to your outfit, plus it’s just so cute to look at and gets many compliments when out and about!

Thank you for reading this blog post, I love getting to actually write down my thoughts and opinions on my favourite fashion icons X